How Much Do Adjunct Nursing Professors Make

how much do adjunct nursing professors make

Providing scholarship support to graduate students interested in a teaching career can also be useful. For example, the Jonas Nurse Leaders Scholar program, designed to ameliorate the shortage of nursing faculty, is an excellent recruitment device, as well as the Nurse Faculty Loan Program funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration, which forgives the loans based on teaching following graduation. After earning a bachelor’s degree, for most nursing faculty the path to a doctoral degree is interrupted by periods of full-time clinical practice, delaying their entry into the professoriate. Two new curricula at the University of Connecticut are speeding this progress through a BS-to-Ph.D. and a BS-to-DNP program. These curricula will initiate nurse professors earlier in careers with a longer duration. Nursing schools need to make faculty positions attractive to new doctoral graduates. While salaries are often not as high as those in clinical practice or in executive roles, there are professor in nursing many benefits associated with the academic life that may not be immediately evident to the new graduate. Flexible hours, the ability to work from home, academic calendars that provide significantly low-intensity times throughout the year, and generous benefit packages, particularly at state institutions, provide opportunities for a better lifestyle than do many clinical positions. In addition, many schools are building their clinical faculty with doctorally prepared professors who also maintain a clinical practice while teaching.

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